Porto Venere

The Heart of the Cinque Terre

Porto Venere, the gateway to the Cinque Terre with its poet legends and labyrinthine streets, has bewitched travelers for centuries. The allure of its natural beauty mixed with the historical architecture found here will remain in your memory long after leaving. Your Somma Italia cruise will take you away to a place where history, enchantment, and flavors intertwine. That is Porto Venere.

"When you have seen Portovenere, you will be perfectly satisfied. You will never long to see anything prettier."

— Mark Twain


Porto Venere is in the heart of the Cinque Terre, a group of five villages along the rugged Italian Riviera, each with its own unique, charming character. From the colorful houses of Vernazza to the lemon groves of Monterosso, the Cinque Terre is proudly a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its stunning beauty, it’s symphony of hiking trails and a breathtaking coastline like no other.

Beautiful coastal town Portovenere in Cinque terre national park. Liguria, Italy
Poto Venere, Italy. 04-19-2019. View of Porto Venere castle trough a stone window.Poto Venere, Italy

Doria Castle

Doria Castle is a stunning example of Genoese military architecture, with its imposing structure and dramatic location overlooking the sea. The castle has a rich history, dating back to the 12th century and has been renovated and restored over the centuries. It's located on a rocky ridge overlooking the town of Vernazza and is one of the oldest surviving fortifications in the Cinque Terre region. It's mostly in ruins today, but you can still see the tower, known as the Belforte. The castle offers stunning views of the town and the surrounding area.

Main street Via Capellini, Porto Venere, Province of La Spezia, Liguria, Italy

Via Capellini

Lose yourself in the charming atmosphere as you stroll along Via Capellini, the main shopping street, where local shops and boutiques offer unique treasures to discover. As you explore, be sure to visit the majestic Doria Castle, perched high above the town and offering breathtaking views of the Bay of Poets and the Ligurian Sea. The castle's terraced gardens and steep climb reward you with an experience that feels straight out of a fairytale.

Fisherman town of Portovenere, Liguria, Italy

Gulf of Poets

Prepare to be enchanted by the Gulf of Poets, a place that has captured the hearts of renowned artists and writers throughout history. Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and "Frankenstein" author Mary Shelley found inspiration in the beauty that surrounded them here. Bask in the spirit of creativity as you soak up the atmosphere that has also graced the likes of D.H. Lawrence, George Sands, Henry Miller, Lord Byron and Virginia Woolf.


Chiesa di San Pietro

A hidden gem in the charming town of Porto Venere, Chiesa di San Pietro is a picturesque church that dates back to the 12th century. The church's Romanesque architecture and beautiful frescoes make it a must-see for art and history lovers. The church is notable for its octagonal bell tower, its rose window, and its marble portal, intricately carved with religious scenes. Inside, the church is simple but beautiful, with an ornate marble altar and several frescoes and sculptures. With its idyllic location on the Ligurian coast, Chiesa di San Pietro is the perfect spot for your day in port to find peace, tranquility and your spiritual center.

La Spezia, Italy

La Spezia

La Spezia, located in the heart of Liguria, is a vibrant port city with a rich history and culture. From the Piazza del Mercato, a lively market square, to the Piazza della Libertà, which is surrounded by stunning palaces and churches, there is no end to the beauty and history of this village. Whether you're looking for stunning views, delicious food or a taste of local life, you'll find it all in La Spezia…medieval architecture to modern charm, there is something for everyone here. 


Why I Love
Porto Venere

This picturesque coastal town on the captivating Cinque Terre coastline exudes an allure that is simply irresistible—you feel the magic immediately! With its rich history of renowned artists and writers, this charming town evokes a sense of creative energy that I really wanted to share with our guests. The gateway to the ‘five lands’ of the Cinque Terre, Porto Venere was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This will be a day very well-spent in an absolutely breathtaking part of Italia.

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