A Gateway to Corsica's Beauty & History

Savor the ages as you visit Ajaccio France, where Corsican food and culture intertwine in a captivating tapestry of past and present. Explore the town center's ample charm, get an incredible lesson in history at Maison Bonaparte and Musée Fesch, or embrace the stunning beauty along Chemin des Crêtes. Ajaccio will leave an indelible mark on the senses, beckoning you to unravel its many surprises.

“One longs for a breath of different air, a taste of the unusual and obscure, the lift of a new horizon, and here is Ajaccio, solid and impregnable, huddled upon its height, facing the sea and the winds of the world.“

— Henry James


From architectural wonders to mind-blowing culinary exploration, a day in the port of Ajaccio offers a myriad of experiences to satisfy every traveler. Your Somma Cruise leads you to celebrate Corsican lifestyle here, to explore the many ways Ajaccio will personally call to you. This is just a taste of what’s possible in this incredible location.

Cityscape of Ajaccio in Corsica, France – Aerial View
Ajaccio Agricultural market on the Place Foch, Corsica

Ajaccio's Famous Daily Market

Discover the charm of Ajaccio's old town center, which flanks the port and marina on the western side of an upturned horseshoe bay. Stroll along tree-lined streets that lead to wide-open squares, offering panoramic views of the sea. Get lost in the vibrant Corsican atmosphere as restaurants, bistros, cafes and bars spill out onto the streets, inviting you to savor the local flavors and embrace the bustling ambiance. Don't miss the daily market in Place Foch, where you can discover locally produced foods and products including sausages, cheeses, wines, and breads.

Casa Buonaparte, Ajaccio

Maison Bonaparte 

Step into history at Maison Bonaparte, the childhood family home of Napoleon Bonaparte. It's a beautiful example of 18th-century architecture and it's full of history and art. Explore the rooms where the future emperor grew up and gain insight into his early life. Admire the historical artifacts and furnishings that provide a glimpse into the Bonaparte family's legacy. Rediscover the story of one of history's most iconic figures in this remarkable museum.

Sunrise over The Sanguinaires Islands in Corsica

Pointe de la Parata

Pointe de la Parata, located in Ajaccio, is a beautiful and historically significant site. It was once a strategic point for military defense, and today it's a popular spot for tourists. From the top of the point, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city of Ajaccio, the sea, and the nearby islands. The area is also home to ruins of an old fortress, adding to the site's significance in the region.



Musée Fesch 

View artistic treasures at the Musée Fesch, once the residence of Napoleon's half-uncle, Cardinal Fesch. This highly recommended museum houses a magnificent collection of Italian masterpieces, including works by renowned artists such as Botticelli, Perugino, Michelangelo, Fra Bartolomeo, Titian, Veronese, and Vasari. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art for the day and appreciate the cultural richness found uniquely in Corsica.

Napoleon in Ajaccio

Chemin des Crêtes

Take a scenic journey along the Chemin des Crêtes, a walking path that leads from the town center into the fragrant, maquis-carpeted hills to the west. Enjoy this picturesque trail and be rewarded with spectacular views stretching across the sea to the Iles Sanguinaires.
The trail is known for its wildflowers, birds and other wildlife and it's a great place to picnic while savoring the incredible natural beauty of Corsica.


Why I Love Ajaccio

The capital of the island of Corsica, Ajaccio is a little more off-the-beaten path for US tourists, which for me, makes it a perfect port for our cruise. I love how it so unassumingly entwines a deeply rich history with fantastic gastronomy and natural beauty. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, there is much to see here, with museums, an enchanting town center adorned with cool cafes and a variety of bustling markets. But just finding a place to sit, have an Aperol Spritz and people-watch is a day well-spent in Ajaccio! I can't wait to share this amazing slice of Mediterranean life with you.

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