Once you step onboard Somma, it is our everlasting goal to take you on a journey that exceeds any other vacation you’ve ever been on, and in ways you never thought possible


What sets the Somma
Experience Apart


In addition to world-class entertainment wafting from multiple venues nightly, our guests are invited to meet, interact and learn from a group of very talented and knowledgeable experts in a variety of disciplines—all designed to create a truly holistic experience for your mind, body and spirit.  Refresh. Re-energize. Re-integrate back into your life with a renewed sense of yourself. Whether it's a master sommelier, health and wellness expert, celebrity chef, world-renowned motivational speaker or local travel expert ...these talented individuals will enhance your journey in countless ways.  

That is the Somma difference.

Live Entertainment

Experience the thrill of electric and eclectic live shows every night of your voyage. With a diverse range of performances, from live party bands to intimate duo shows, comedy to headline artists, Somma Italia promises unforgettable entertainment experiences that cater to every taste. Whether you prefer to unwind and savor the shows in the intimate, state of the art showroom, or join the party on the dance floor, you’ll be swept away by the energy coming from the stage...each night a memory to cherish.

Back view of a female speaker talking on business seminar in board room.

Speakers & Authors

Get inspired by a captivating speaker or author on board Somma Italia. Immerse yourself in talks on leadership, personal growth, creating more balance, limiting stress and much more, leaving you refreshed and empowered to tackle new challenges. Return home with a renewed sense of purpose and the drive to effect positive changes in your own life and the lives of others.

Culinary Experiences

Indulge in a culinary adventure as you step into the world of a renowned guest chef on the Seabourn Ovation. Witness the artistry behind gourmet meals created exclusively for you, while you learn about culinary philosophies and techniques.

A chef is cooking in his restaurant’s kitchen
Bartender pouring red wine into glass indoors, closeup. Space for text

Wine & Mixology

Delight in the company of a master sommelier who will unravel the fascinating world of wines while you glide along the picturesque Italian coast. Sample exquisite vintages from around the globe and immerse yourself in the history and cultural origins that shaped these remarkable wines. 

Local Travel Experts

Discover new destinations and how to make the most out of your travels with the guidance of local experts who share their insider knowledge and provide deeper insights into the history, culture, and daily life of the places you visit. Venture off the beaten path, uncover hidden gems and gain a richer appreciation for the world's wonders and its diverse inhabitants.

Scenic open window view of the Mediterranean Sea from a luxury resort room along the Amalfi Coast near Sorrento, Italy
Sunset View

Health and Wellness

Nurture your well-being and enhance your personal goals with the assistance of expert health and wellness professionals onboard Somma. With decades of experience in helping people to live their best lives, these leaders will inspire you to embrace relaxation and invigoration in all aspects of mind, body and spirit.

Welcome to something distinctly unique…Welcome to Somma.