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As it has done for countless travelers over many generations, the Amalfi Coast is sure to captivate your senses and beguile you with its rich history, drop-dead gorgeous beauty and local culinary flavors. From exploring the ancient city of nearby Pompeii to admiring the Duomo di Sant'Andrea and tasting homemade liquors each made with a unique essence, this legendary coastline offers an enchanting escape for all. Let your Somma cruise lead you to the magic of Amalfi.

"The Amalfi Coast is a place of breathtaking beauty. It's a place where the mountains meet the sea in a dramatic collision of nature. The colors are bold and brilliant, the light is bright and pure, and the air is scented with lemon and jasmine.”

— Paul Therou


The town of Amalfi, a charming seaside village on the Amalfi Coast, is known for its colorful houses, stunning views, and relaxed atmosphere. The town is the perfect place to take a stroll along the waterfront promenade, explore the medieval streets or sample local seafood, a specialty here.

Landscape with Amalfi coast
Positano Italy


Positano, a picturesque seaside town on the Amalfi Coast is famous the world over for its terraced multi-colored houses, steep cliffs, and pebble beaches. Stroll the narrow streets lined with charming shops, visit the historic Church of Santa Maria Assunta, or simply relax on the beach with a scoop of mouth-watering gelato. No matter what you do, you'll find yourself completely enamored by the sheer beauty of Positano.

View of the Cathedral, Amalfi Coast, Italy, Europe

Duomo di Sant'Andrea

Marvel at the Duomo di Sant'Andrea, Amalfi's cathedral that reflects the town's maritime superpower past from the 11th century. Admire the Sicilian Arabic-Norman architectural style and the monumental bronze doors, the first of their kind in Italy. Step inside to explore the baroque interior and gaze upon the exquisite mosaics from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii


A visit to Pompeii is a step back in time to ancient Italy. Once a thriving Roman town located near the Bay of Naples, Pompeii was suddenly and devastatingly destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The ash and lava from the eruption preserved the city in an eerie snapshot of time and it has been a source of archaeological fascination for centuries. Pompeii is one of the best-preserved Roman sites in the world where it's possible to explore the homes, shops, temples, and public spaces that were frozen in time. While here, be sure not to miss the Villa of the Mysteries and the Forum, the main civic center of Pompeii. The Amphitheater, where residents would have watched gladiator battles and the Stabian Baths, once the largest and most luxurious baths in the city, are also musts.



Valle delle Ferriere

Embark on a captivating hike through Valle delle Ferriere, a lush nature reserve hidden in the mountains of Scala, Amalfi. Traverse picturesque landscapes adorned with spectacular waterfalls, fragrant lemon groves and fossilized moss walls. Get lost in the historical Valley of Mills, where ancient water mills and ironworks tell the story of Amalfi's paper production history. This is the perfect activity to reflect on the grandness of nature and truly get away from it all.

Aerial view of Italian town Amalfi

Historic City Center

A visit to the historic center of Amalfi is like stepping back in time, with colorful houses, stone staircases and traditional shops selling local products. The sea views from the city's terraces are breathtaking and it's easy to see why this picturesque town has been a popular destination for centuries. The impressive Duomo cathedral, dating back to the 11th century, is the heart of the city. Visit the Cloister of Paradise and the Paper Museum, which tells the story of how Amalfi was once a major center for papermaking. You will be delighted with all there is to see and do in Amalfi!


Why I Love Amalfi

Amalfi is one the most dramatic settings in the world. The namesake town of the famous Costa Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast), it’s a place that will literally stop you in your tracks with its steep cliffs and instantly recognizable vistas. This area of Italy has unmatched beauty for me, where each moment unfolds seamlessly into the next in an intoxicating blur. Here you can take hikes through Valle delle Ferriere, with lemon groves so fragrant, you’ll still be able to smell them once you return home! Whether you stay in Amalfi or venture down the road to Ravello, Positano or Sorrento, the tapestry of experiences the Amalfi Coast promises will create unforgettable moments for all of us on Somma Italia. Every step you take leads to another captivating journey of beauty, history, and culinary wonder.

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